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Everyone in the community is urged to help make the campaign a success and there are many ways you can help. You don’t need to be a rich, political mastermind to lend a hand, you simply need to want a person elected who will put people before factions and numbers.

Independent candidates don’t have the financial assistance that big parties provide their candidates. You can help set me on the path to state parliament, and your support is not only invited but vital. There are many ways to help and a little goes a long way.

The big parties have already posted billboards in every town. Your support will provide an equal opportunity for my face to be just as prominent. Many small donations can add up to a worthy sum to draw upon. If you only have a little to spare it will make a big difference.

In an electorate facing challenges regarding the future of the environment, the need for more action in relation to renewable sources of energy, the impact of change on current employment opportunities and the creation of a stable environment for the next generation, I am confident I can lead the Latrobe Valley community towards a bright future.

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