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Morwell charity cafe A Kinder Cup blames people working from home for closure

A Kinder Cup cafe in Morwell will close for at least three months due to low business

A Kinder Cup Cafe forced to cut staff and close up shop

Located inside the Morwell gov hub, the business blames the lack of government employees returning to work, with just ten percent of staff back in offices.

Regional Foodbanks are seeing a spike in the number of people needing food assistance

It comes as prices climb at the fastest annual pace since 2001, with hundreds of new clients in the past three months.

Mask-making drive a success as Morwell Neighbourhood House volunteers take up cause

The Morwell Neighbourhood House says it has been overwhelmed by offers to help make face masks for vulnerable people in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley

Latrobe City Council general manager quits after safety concerns stemming from August meeting

The general manager of a council east of Melbourne has resigned.

Cost of living ‘tougher in regional Victoria’ as demand for services spikes

Morwell Neighbourhood House manager Tracie Lund said the rising costs were causing a great amount of stress.

Hazelwood coalmine fire has had lasting health effects on Latrobe valley residents, study finds

Exposure to hazardous air pollution from the Hazelwood coalmine fire in Victoria has been linked to reduced lung function in people years after the 2014 fire, according to a new study.

Trauma caused by Morwell coalmine fire set high school students back 18 months

The Morwell coalmine fire in Victoria set high school students back more than 18 months academically, according to a new study.


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